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We help adults free themselves and release childhood shame and
trauma through music, meditation, and honest connection.

Adoption Reunion?

Arm yourself with strategies for the journey ahead.  

Image by Vincentiu Solomon
Image by Yanguang Lan

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I have been so moved by Barb and Vicky’s Podcast - what a journey! And though my experience (and each of our stories) is different, I gained so much from tuning in. 

Kind Words


​Your podcast has been quite healing for me, which I realized when I just couldn't turn off the first one and started binge listening! I admire both of you for the courage it took to do the difficult work of re-connecting with each other. Thank you for putting this out into the world.


I am binge listening to Season 2 and am loving every single episode! Each is resonating with me in a different way.  

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​A birthmother and adoptee in reunion, we found deep healing through honest communication. 


Telling our story set us free. We want to hear your story.

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