Barbara sings to comfort herself and others, witnessing the relaxed exhale, the lessening of agitation it brings. Did you know music can sometimes relieve pain better than pharmaceuticals? Find your calming music in the links below, and open to its healing power.

Image by Sian Cooper

Threshold Choir

After a long hiatus, choirs are returning to hospice facilities and homes, masked and vaxxed, bringing their love and healing intention - kindness made audible.


It’s been rough getting through this time. We missed singing at bedsides, but chose caution.

Music that Heals

Listen and learn - on our blog. 


Soothing tunes await, links to musicians who inspire us, and amazing revelations about the influence of music on our emotions.


Take a breath, let it out. Ahhhh.


Dreams of Flight

Podcast theme song: Dreams of Flight 


Musical comfort food. Clouds drifting in an azure sky, hawks calling from the currents, a light I see in Vicky. 


Joyous notes tumble from a simple melody, love spilling from my open heart. 


Two separate voices emerge with the message: 

Grounded in the truth, we can fly.

Image by Akhil Shrestha

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