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Stranger Danger

Revealing myself to a new person scares me.

The inner critic comes out, will he like me?

What version of myself will arrive?

I hear you, tiny voice, but you need to sit in the corner. I got this.

“Hello Vicky.” His voice was honey bourbon.

“Hi Mike. Nice to meet you.” I respond, exhaling.

The mysterious Instagram algorithm brought him, and our shared dark sense of humor and love of films connected us across continents.

Another secret baby like me, fighting inner demons in the public square. I barely recall our conversation, as we tossed the ball back and forth.

Two “lucky adoptees” with different trauma, running towards the light. We both found loving partners in exotic new locations, yet childhood darkness haunts the corners.

Talking about my experiences used to be harder.

But the truth shall set you free.

Have a listen, and join the conversation when you feel safe. Secret Son Podcast

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