Are you concerned about the future?

Updated: Jan 8

I sure am. I call it, "future control" and spent many hours obsessing over things I cannot control.

From the meaningful:

  • What will happen to our world

  • What others will do

To the trivial:

  • What others think about me

  • What I can do so everyone will like me

Meditation offers a daily cure: Returning to the present moment.

With each breath, there is opportunity to return to the only time that currently exists. Now.

Listen to meditation: Dropping into Now

A four minute meditation focusing on the breath with ocean waves in the background.

Calm your busy mind.

Dropping into Now

Take a moment, just one moment is all you need.

Place your attention on the breath.

The air enters, cool - can

you feel it?

The air exits, warm. Warmed by the body.

As you inhale, think: I am inhaling.

As you exhale, think: I am exhaling.

That's right.



Dropping into now.

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