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Holiday Magic

Barb kept her promise to never leave again, but fate had other plans. You may wonder - how did we cope with being separated by COVID and two continents? After 30 years in reunion - and 4 years apart, we spent Thanksgiving together and it was magic! 


People ask, “What was it like to be together again after all those years?” And I have to laugh. Only another adoptee would understand. It didn’t feel that bad, compared to before…the not-knowing. Separated by secrecy and lies. 

The last four years deepened our relationship in unexpected ways, meeting regularly on the phone, and now via Zoom. But being able to touch you and exist in real space together filled my cup. Daily walks, cooking together, and picking olives in the yard reset my mental map of your home. Laying on the convertible couch bed I joined the diorama behind your computer and imagined all the hours gazing into that same room from so far away. 


Experiencing the holiday together, creating new traditions and sharing old, made this exceptionally tender and special. We’ve had occasional holidays together, but they were not as conscious. This time we carefully constructed our hopes into reality.

One of those was to talk to Melissa about reunion. We were thrilled to finally be interviewed together. Side by side we responded to Melissa’s questions - interviewed together for the first time. In the same room. 

This one was special. My fingertips lightly touched your arm. I felt you, understood you in a deeper way - in my cells


And Melissa set us at ease, smiling, understanding. 

Listen to our episode on Mind Your Own Kharma.

We think you’ll love it as much as we do! 

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