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I Could See Peace: Music of A Course in Miracles

I LOVE this CD!

Jazz artist and composer, Carol Heffler blended spiritual practice (A Course in Miracles), with my love language, music, inspiring me to vibrate in joy and positivity.

Such an inspiration to set Helen Cohn Schucman's text to contemporary music.

My favorite is the title composition: I Could See Peace.

  • compelling rhythm makes me dance - my body is filled with light

  • clear words of inspiration and intention - ignite my soul

  • singing along with the melody - my heart soars

Carol Heffler - I Could See Peace

All songs written and arranged by Carol Heffler

1. I Could See Peace

2. I am Spirit

3. Hush of Heaven

4. I Walk with God

5. Surrounded

6. Refuge

7. Where DoCares

9. This Holy Instant

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