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Shiny Objects: What's got your attention?

San Francisco Symphony 110th Season Opener - on Great Performances

Barb: This collaboration between classical music, interpretive dance and jazz has captured me body and soul.

Enlightening conversation: Listen to Alonzo King, esperanza spalding, Esa-Pekka Salonen, and Nick Platoff discuss the alchemy found in collaboration. A profound thought I’m still mulling.

Vicky: Unfortunately we are unable to view this in Australia, I now listen to the ABC, Australia’s public music station and since I married a classy Aussie guy who loves fancy music, I am learning so much. I can now even tell the difference between Bethoven and Mozart! (And not just from their biopics) My music teacher would be underwhelmed. I was supposed to learn that back in my university days. Ah well. My favorite thing about the ABC is they focus on women composers. So many were underappreciated in their own time. Sigh, not much changes, eh?

Adele Concert outside Griffith Observatory - November 13th - One night only

Barb: Adele sings her feelings, and they are raw and real, and deeply human, and her delivery is honest and true. She’s beyond talented, and brilliantly creative, and yet relatable. My favorite viola player @thatviolakid (I follow him on IG) was a part of the orchestra, and Oprah’s beautiful Santa Barbara garden was the background for the interview portions.

Vicky, you must have so many special memories of this place! You’ve taken me here several times, and the setting for Adele’s concert is just exquisite. Her interview with Oprah was open and honest. She is so amazing.

Vicky: OH YES! Sunset at the Observatory is required as part of visiting Los Angeles. I used to do an evening hike several times a week with The Sierra Club. We met in the parking lot near the Merry Go Round, and hiked 2 hours round trip. Stopping at the top the Hollywood sign connected me to the history and specificity of LA. I grew up watching old movies with Mom - a good movie is magic. In the winter, the way back was in darkness or by moonlight. Beautiful.

A Winter Solstice Concert from Sting:

Barb: Sting’s voice is perfect for this traditional early music, excellent musicians and the venue make it a special treat. One of my favorite concerts of the holiday season.

Vicky: Thank you, I never heard this before. Wow. The link includes captions in Italian, reminding me of his universal appeal. Live concert recordings have come so far in my lifetime. This is art. I love the cathedral, too. Did I ever tell you about the show we saw in Portugal in the ruins of an old abbey? They projected lights and had the most beautiful music.

Photos of Lisbon by Vicky.

Photo of Shiny Object by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash.

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