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Funny Versus Heartfelt

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Do you prefer funny or heartfelt?

Barb: I love both. But depending on my mood, I’ll crave one or the other. But sometimes a certain song comes on and captures me: I always get the feels when I hear those melancholy WWII Christmas songs like I’ll be Home for Christmas. I can’t help but picture a soldier, in a cold foxhole shivering and miserable on a winter day dreaming of home. There’s sadness in them, but a nostalgic hope to rejoin family and friends. And, of course: Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald or Tony Bennett singing just about any of the old songs.

Vicky: Ah yes, there are many heartfelt classics. To make my top three the song has to pass the Kleenex test: makes me cry. Mel Torme’s The Christmas Song can only be sung by Nat King Cole for example. The combination of his deep voice, the emotion, the strings. Just magic. I always insisted on hearing it on Christmas morning.

Barb: I know you love some nostalgia! How can you not love a song that makes you cry? Josh Grobin’s pure, perfect tone brings me to tears. I always loved Oh Holy Night, the long held phrases, the beautiful story. I sang it to make myself cry.

Vicky: And I will always love Happy Christmas (War is Over) by John Lennon. The hopeful message resonates. Each time I listen it cuts open a different part of my heart - it is such a simple wish for peace and love. The update by Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson is powerful. Seeing Sean Ono Lennon on guitar - wow. He looks like his famous daddy.

Barb: Oh yes! I agree. My Grown Up Christmas List is my favorite message song. So much so that I wrote the lyrics on our Christmas Cards one year. I love both Kelly Clarkson and Michael Bublés versions. Those words express the love in my heart, an innocence carried from my childhood - especially during the holiday season.

Vicky: Kenny Loggins’ Celebrate Me Home drops me into a magnificent bittersweet swoon - I am not even safe to drive. There are nice versions by other artists, but my heart belongs to Kenny. I couldn’t find a link to an official version, but this live video is from his official website.

Barb: I agree! A spectacular song. I can’t imagine anyone else performing it. There is an intimacy in his voice - his songs feel like they were written directly to me..



Barb: But I love to laugh as well. Who could resist Santa Baby! I love the blatant commercialism and flirtation - only Eartha Kitt could pull that off! And the silly songs get me too: dogs and cats singing (barking and meowing) holiday favorites. Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Christmas Don’t be Late makes me laugh - every time. In spite of (or maybe because of) the obvious speeded up helium gas voices...

“Alvin, Alvin, ALVIN!”


Vicky: So true. The honest greed in the I want a huuuula hoop! I must add to this list my top funny song, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch by Ted Geisel and Albert Hague. With a catchy tune, dark lyrics word-smithed to perfection and sung brilliantly by Tony the Tiger (oops, I mean Thurl Ravenscroft.)

Look him up...he had an amazing career as a voice actor! Many Voices of Thurl Ravenscroft (Animated Tribute - Tony the Tiger - Disneyland)

Barb’s FUNNY:

We Wish You a Merry Christmas- Jingle dogs and Singing Cats!

And Vicky’s Number FUNNY One

Dog Image credit…Image by Laura Beth Snipes on Unsplash

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